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Error of ways, a game of ‘spot the weakness’

When swimming in the ocean and getting a cramp, you may start panicking and you know the reason. Your senses tell you what is wrong in that picture, and what could go wrong next.

The greatest error comes when the ocean is inside your head and you are getting that mental cramp, and it feels unreal. It feels like it’s not there. And you call that cramp your weakness, and blind yourself to it, not wanting to admit it’s there, even though it’s pulling you down to the depths of that ocean.

It takes strength admitting a weakness. That you are wading or trying to swim in murky water, with your reality blurred and people around simply making their way, then disappearing and not remembering your face.

Accepting the ocean exists and that the cramp poses a real problem is the first step to doing something about it.

Hopelessly incinerating your willpower every day because you can’t admit that there’s a glitch in there? Worst kind of stubborn, the one that will get you drowned.

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